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Garney wins Target Outstanding Project Safety award

Aug 2015

AUGUST 2015 — In recognition of performance demonstrating a vigorous, persistent commitment to safety initiatives, Garney has been awarded the 2015 Target Outstanding Project Safety (TOPS) award. Garney accepted this award from the Southeastern Construction Owners & Associates Roundtable (SCOAR), an organization dedicated to fostering innovative thinking on issues related to industrial construction and business performance.

Garney’s safety performance was recognized by working 122,000 working hours without a safety incident on the V.C. Summer Offsite Water Treatment System in Jenkinsville, South Carolina. Garney’s crews are currently constructing the system for a nuclear power plant through a design-build-operate contract.

Garney is proud to recognize, Brandon Blevins, Site Safety Manager, who accepted the award at SCOAR’s Annual Scholarship & Safety Awards Dinner (featured left). Brandon has developed a site safety culture with a moral commitment that no expense shall be spared when it comes to executing safe work practices.

“Brandon and the management team have created a safety culture in their planning, which has translated to the job site, giving our employee-owners the tools and resources to do their job safely” said Tony Kempf, Vice President and Safety Council Chairman, Garney Construction. “As employee-owners, they are living the number one goal of the company on the job site every day.”


Ft. Collins relationship builds on 15 years of service

Aug 2015

AUGUST 2015 — Garney has recently been selected for a fourth consecutive, five-year contract with the City of Fort Collins Utilities. Since 2000, Garney has provided more than 70 water, wastewater and stormwater utilities infrastructure design and construction services task orders to the City. Projects have ranged in size from small emergency repairs to new construction on major utility infrastructure systems. As Garney embarks to continue service through 2020, capital improvements within this phase are estimated to exceed $15 million.

Among the many improvements and rehabilitations, Garney has worked in collaboration with the City to expedite schedules around Colorado State University football games, irrigation season and bird nesting season.

Employee-owners Wayne O’Brien, Chief Operating Officer; Jeff Moore, Senior Project Manager; Gary Haas, Assistant Project Manager; Rich Trimble, Superintendent, and many other crew members have been pivotal in delivering services for this monumental work program.


After 42 years of service, Joe Lewis, Jr. retires

Aug 2015

AUGUST 2015 — This month marks the close of Joe Lewis’ tenure as a Garney employee-owner and Pipeline Superintendent. When Joe began his career at Garney in 1973, he worked alongside his father and brothers as a laborer. Since that time, Joe has worked tirelessly to embody Garney’s goals and philosophies. He was quickly promoted to Pipeline Superintendent and has been a mainstay in several of Garney’s hallmark projects in the Midwest.

Joe was conscience about his work and always strived to represent Garney in all aspects of his projects. His knowledge and experience in the industry, as well as attention to detail, were second to none. Following in his father’s footsteps, Joe Lewis, Sr. (1989), Joe Jr. was the recipient of the George Enright Award in 2008. In foremost recognition at Garney, this award exemplifies the dedication, loyalty and spirit that Garney Construction was built upon. Joe will enjoy the fruits of retirement with family and friends, and is eager to spend more time traveling, carving wood, and watching baseball.

It is with the highest recognition and appreciation that Garney recognizes Joe Lewis – may retirement be all you hoped and more.


MBBR Implementation Insights

Jul 2015

Solutions and Best Practices for Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor Installation and Start-Up

JULY 2015 — A top concern among wastewater treatment facility owners is increasing energy efficiency while improving effluent water quality. Municipal facilities must comply with increasingly stringent requirements for biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), ammonia and nitrogen levels, as well as provide for growing populations. On the commercial side, water-intensive businesses have to plan for sustainable growth under the same regulations. And, as always, public and private enterprises alike are aiming to cost-effectively curb their environmental footprint.

The moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR) is an adaptable and flexible solution that helps owners achieve all of these goals. The MBBR process relies on floating biofilm carriers in a mixed motion aerated treatment basin. The biofilm carriers provide a protected surface to support prolific growth of heterotrophic (uses organic carbon for growth) and autotrophic (uses inorganic compounds for growth) bacteria within its cells. Compared to traditional treatment processes, the method requires less maintenance and a fraction of the space. Without the need for an activated sludge return stream, operation is also simplified while efficiency is improved.



Think safe, dig second

Apr 2015

APRIL 2015 — April marks National Safe Digging Month. Nationally recognized and in its eighth celebration, the tradition serves to provide awareness about the dangers of unplanned digging. According to 811 and the federally-mandated “Call Before You Dig” campaign, every six minutes an underground utility line is damaged.

No matter how small or large the project, homeowner or contractor, simply calling 811 will mitigate injury, repair costs, fines, and inconvenient outages in notifying the appropriate utility companies. Once notified, Local One Call Centers will dispatch a professional to mark the lines in a few short days.

Think safe.

Think smart.

Call before you dig.

Get it done with 811!


KUB upgrade faced critical shutdown

Apr 2015

APRIL 2015 — In seven short hours, Garney completed an overnight shutdown in the heart of downtown Knoxville, Tennessee. Garney employee-owners worked in conjunction with Knoxville Utilities Board to plan and execute the vital shutdown.

The 48-inch valve cut-in demanded many weeks of planning and organization to ensure the cut could be executed within the short time frame allotted. Cutting commenced shortly after 11:00 PM (EST) and the line was back in service at 6:00 AM (EST).

Since January 2015, Garney has worked to replace and install water and sewer lines on the project ranging in size from 8-inch to 30-inch along Main Street and the surrounding areas.


Garney wins NUCA Project Excellence Award

Apr 2015

APRIL 2015 — Recognized by the Texas Chapter of the National Utility Contractors Association (NUCA), Garney received the 2014 Project Excellence Award for our delivery of Section 15-1 of the Integrated Pipeline (IPL) project. Developed by Tarrant Regional Water District and Dallas Water Utilities, the first segment of the 150-mile pipeline project will provide roughly 350 MGD of water to North Texas from a series of reservoirs in North / Central and East Texas. Once completed, the program will connect Lake Palestine to Lake Benbrook with connections to Cedar Creek and Richland Chambers Reservoirs.

Garney’s employee-owners are currently working to install the $93 million waterline of Section 15-1 in Corsicana, Texas. Upon completion, the installation will include 81,958 LF 108-inch C200 polyurethane-coated steel waterline, associated air release and blow-off assemblies, and 1,318 LF 132-inch steel casing pipe by tunnel including a crossing of IH-45. The project also includes a river crossing, deep excavations, dewatering, several manholes, and a connection to the existing Richland Chambers pipeline via interconnect facility. The project is expected to reach completion in June 2015.

In addition to constructing Section 15-1 of the IPL, Garney also provided Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) services for two additional segments of this program; Section 1, Line J and Richland Chambers 90” Lowering, which were completed in 2013 and 2014 in advance of mainline construction currently being completed by Garney.


Southern Delivery System achieves major milestone

Apr 2015

APRIL 2015 — Colorado Springs and its neighboring communities will soon reap the benefits of the Southern Delivery System. Garney is proud to be involved in this historic project which includes 50 miles of pipelines, three pump stations and a water treatment plant. The $841 million system for Colorado Springs Utilities will deliver water from the Pueblo Reservoir to Colorado Springs, Fountain, Security, and Pueblo West.

Garney’s role in the project involved the installation of 23 miles of welded steel pipe through Pueblo and El Paso Counties. Our crews completed seven projects for the system, entailing pipeline installations ranging in size from 36-inch to 90-inch. In addition to open trench installations along Highway 94, Garney was responsible for managing multiple trenchless excavations.

“As with the other SDS projects, the Garney team assigned to this project did an outstanding job facing the challenges of this unique project,” said Matt Foster, Vice President of Garney Construction.

This notable project has reached its final year of construction after more than three years and is anticipated to be $150 million below budget. By 2040, the system is anticipated to serve roughly 750,000 residents in the nearby communities.


Jay McQuillen joins Garney team

Apr 2015

APRIL 2015 — Jay McQuillen Jr., P.E., has joined Garney Construction to lead two new initiatives for the company. The first endeavor will be leading Garney Federal, a new business unit that broadens Garney’s client base in the federal market throughout the United States. In addition, Jay will be expanding Garney’s heavy civil construction operations in the Western United States and Pacific. This will complement Garney’s recent expansion into Northern California, with the opening of Garney Pacific in Livermore, California, in November 2014.

Garney Federal will add additional expertise and personnel resources in government contracting as well as resources with heavy civil capabilities in the Pacific Northwest, California, and Hawaii. Jay’s office will be based out of Scotts Valley, California.

“I am excited to join Garney Construction and begin building a team to pursue these initiatives,” said McQuillen. “The company’s excellent reputation and 100% employee ownership were strong motivators in my interest to join Garney. The success of the company in safety, vendor relationships, and customer satisfaction is impressive.”

Jay joins the Garney team after a 29-year career with Granite Construction Company. Jay’s background is primarily in government contracting and heavy civil construction. He is a graduate of the University of Iowa with a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, and holds a master’s degree in Civil Engineering from Oregon State University. Jay is a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Oregon.


Design-Build in the nuclear world

Jan 2015

JANUARY 2015 — The nuclear world is facing ever-evolving standards and protocols. These stringent regulations often present challenges for nuclear plants and operators. Alternate project delivery methods, particularly design-build, are becoming prevalent in the power industry. These methods combat many of the trials and tribulations that delay design and construction during critical junctures throughout the life of a project.

With the right team, the design-build process will streamline communication with all major stakeholders and foster a collaborative environment. It will generate innovative, collective design and construction methods while fast-tracking decision making. Through these processes, a cost-effective, efficient and quality project can be delivered to serve the needs of the end user without major delays in schedule or budget.

Garney is currently working in collaboration with a General Contractor on a design-build-operate nuclear power plant in the southeast. With the rigorous regulations at the forefront, Garney and the General Contractor were able to vet the best solutions to provide filtered and potable water to meet guidelines set forth for the plant. Although a conventional filter process was initially selected, Garney coordinated with the General Contractor and Owner to provide an ultrafiltration membrane system at a lower capital and operating cost.

The General Contractor was required to provide a conceptual design for the raw water intake system in order to obtain the necessary permits. Garney was able to design an alternate intake structure that was less intrusive to the environment, in addition to saving the General Contractor over $600,000 – all within the scheduled completion date.

During the pilot testing, bromide was discovered in the water. Bromide is not a natural occurring chemical and was added to the waters upstream by other industries. The chemical is not easy to remove and was not anticipated in the selection of the process equipment. This issue caused a tremendous impact to the project, but was easily mitigated through collaborations via the design-build process.

Time and time again, Garney is seeing success with projects constructed via alternate project delivery methods as projects are typically constructed ahead of schedule and below budget. Much of this success can be attributed to communication and trust built throughout the life of the project.

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