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Employee Ownership

We are building the ideal employee owned company.

Garney is a 100% employee owned company. Simply put, we work harder and smarter because we all own the company. Our entire culture revolves around this ownership.

We are a hands-on organization; always have been, always will be. Our people don’t mind getting their hands or their boots dirty. Our people are not only smart, tough-minded, and hard-working – they also own the company.

Since we are 100% employee owned, all our employee-owners participate in our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).
Learn more about the ESOP.


Garney has employee-owners that set the standard and go above and beyond the job description. Garney personnel give 110% all the time, and always work through the issues with a win/win mentality.

Ryan Moloney

Employee-Owner since 2012

Because we live by our goals and philosophies at Garney, it has helped me see my true self-worth and made me better in all aspects of life.

Kevin Wood

Employee-Owner since 2016

I consider Garney my family. A lot of my time is spent at work, so it means a whole lot to work alongside fellow employee-owners that have my back.

Angela Kearney

Employee-Owner since 2007

The difference between Garney and other companies in our industry is employee ownership. I know that the people working next to me have the same amount invested as I do. When we push hard, we all reap the rewards of our efforts.

Matt McKinnon

Employee-Owner since 2011