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A Public-Private Partnership (P3) creatively structures a public project so the public side does not bear all costs and risks up front.

Instead, the majority of the financing and risk is assumed by the private sector. Thereby allowing the P3 approach to reduce the public upfront cost and provide for a shorter development time line, all which limit public risk.

Being that a few of the hurdles to starting a public project are financing and risk, this is a highly effective option to move projects forward and serve the public interest.

Garney’s ability and experience can turn long-term water and wastewater needs into working systems by successfully navigating all aspects of a P3 project. Our successful track record delivering P3 projects has provided us a full spectrum of P3 capabilities to deliver a project – from conception, development, financing, design and construction, to operations, and continued maintenance.

P3 Capabilities

  • Developer
  • /
  • Equity Investor
  • /
  • EPC Contractor
  • /
  • Operator
  • /

P3 Projects

Award Winner

Vista Ridge Water Supply Project

  • 140 Miles of Waterline
  • 7 Counties Crossed
  • $927M P3 Project
  • 20% Supply of San Antonio's Water Demand
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Award Winner

T-Bar Ranch Well Field Development & Delivery Project

  • 60 miles of 48" transmission main
  • 21 miles of well field collector piping
  • 44 production wells
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Cross County 30-Inch Transmission Line and High Service Pump Station

  • 54 miles of 30" C303 waterline
  • 6 MGD high service pump station
  • 1.5 MG D110 Type III tank
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