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UF-623B Thermal Utility System Improvements — Project Package 1


Gainesville, FL



Delivery Method


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Project Type

  • Pipeline
2,400 LF of 36-inch HDPE directionally drilled chilled waterline
3,800 LF of HDPE installed via open cut
Constructed on an active college campus
Complete reconstruction of existing roadways and streetscapes

The University of Florida in Gainesville recently undertook a large utility and infrastructure improvement program. The aim of the project was to upgrade the existing infrastructure and install a new underground thermal distribution infrastructure to cater to the growing needs of the southern campus.

The scope of the project includes the installation of 2,400 linear feet (LF) of directionally drilled HDPE chilled waterline, 3,800 LF of dual 36-inch HDPE chilled waterline via open cut, and over 15,000 LF of carbon steel steam and condensate return pipelines. Additionally, the work includes PVC sanitary gravity and sewer service connections, 2,000 LF of concrete-encased PVC electrical duct bank, four electrical manholes, 14 large cast-in-place vaults, and relocating dozens of existing utilities impacted by the new thermal infrastructure.

The work is being constructed through major campus vehicular and pedestrian thoroughfares and requires extensive scheduling, planning, and maintenance of traffic with eight separate University departments. The team is also coordinating with three major vertical construction projects that were directly impacted by the work. The project’s success depends on the team’s ability to ensure that work is carried out safely, efficiently, and with a high level of collaboration while maintaining the campus’s day-to-day activities.

As a result of this project, the University will have a new, sustainable infrastructure that can cater to the needs of its growing campus.