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Town Creek Drainage Project


Huntsville, TX


$10 M

Delivery Method

  • CMAR

Client Type


Project Type

  • Heavy Civil 
3,545 LF of reinforced box culvert
Heavily congested urban setting

Garney provided CMAR preconstruction and construction services for the City of Hunstville, Texas. The project included 7,700 LF of open and enclosed channel, and the removal and replacement of 3,545 LF of 10′ x 6′ to 10′ x 9′ sized reinforced box culvert that spans across seven street crossings and three parking lots, which required hand tunneling. The project also included the replacement of sidewalk, pavement, curb and gutter that was affected during construction. During installation of the culverts, there were four junction boxes installed, both precast and cast-in-place. The project also required decommissioning of railroad cars, drainage lines, and feeds. The main challenge included open channel rehabilitation in a heavily congested urban setting that affected businesses, roadways, and pedestrian traffic. 

“The Town Creek project was the best run project I have witnessed in the City of Huntsville.”

—former mayor, Jane Monday