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South Cross Bayou AWRF New Headworks & Grit Removal Facility


St. Petersburg, FL



Delivery Method

  • Progressive Design-Build

Client Type


Project Type

  • Plant
New screening and grit facility in existing space planned with a MOPO
100 MGD integrated influent bypass system
Combined capacity 66 MGD flow

The South Cross Bayou Advanced Water Reclamation Facility (AWRF), Pinellas County’s largest wastewater treatment plant, prioritizes sustainability through its resource recovery program, production of reclaimed water for irrigation, and distribution of reclaimed water to Pinellas County residents, making its operational success crucial in supporting the community. Normal wear and tear and outdated equipment and communication systems on the existing headworks structure and grit system led Pinellas County to replace them entirely, enhancing the facility’s efficiency, performance, and sustainability. 

The project consolidated the two existing influent structures—the headworks and grit removal structure—into one combined and modernized facility with a new odor control system and septage receiving station. The new integrated facility accommodates the new headworks and grit removal systems comprised of three grit HeadCells, three grit snail and classifier systems, refurbishment of three existing band screens, one new band screen, and four washer/compactors that screen an average of 66 million gallons per day (MGD) with capabilities to bypass 120 MGD through the bypass channels and gates. 

Throughout the project, Garney and our design partner, Gresham Smith, collaborated closely with key subcontractors. We conducted several workshops with the team and local authorities, resulting in efficient designs, constructability, and savings. We maintained plant operations throughout the project, even during the influent system bypass, demolition of the original structures, and construction of the new structures within the tight footprint of the existing facilities. We developed a complex bypass sequencing and maintenance of plant operations (MOPO) plan to assess risk levels while ensuring plant flows and screening capabilities remained intact during construction of the new headworks and grit removal facility. Effective community outreach and education were crucial for success due to the site’s location between two neighborhoods. Additionally, new site paving helped preserve the community’s appearance. 

The South Cross Bayou AWRF New Headworks & Grit Removal Facility project ensures exceptional service for Pinellas County residents and businesses with its efficient design, constructability, and cost savings.