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Plant Vogtle Units 3 & 4 River Water Intake Structure


Waynesboro, GA

Delivery Method

  • Design-Build

Client Type


Project Type

  • Pipeline
  • Pump Station
  • Intake
  • Site Work
  • Marine
12 MGD raw water intake
30 deep wells drilled 80 VF for building the base concrete structure
45 VF excavation for the intake structure
73 MGD pump station
67,000 CY of unsuitable soils site excavation
76,000 CY of fill brought onto the site

Under contract to Southern Nuclear Operating Company, Inc., this project is being constructed for Georgia Power, a subsidiary of Southern Company. Garney is serving as the design-builder for the 72-MGD raw water intake structure supplying water from the Savannah River for the circulating water system and cooling towers.

The raw water intake structure consists of approximately 10,000 CY of concrete and nearly 2,000 tons of rebar combined with 80,000 CY of excavation, 73,000 CY of structural backfill, 3,800 SF of mechanically stabilized earth wall and 3,000 tons of crushed stone backfill. A 7,300 SF pumphouse and switchgear building rests atop of the raw water intake structure, which houses the facility’s switchgear, motor control center, and six 660 HP vertical turbine pumps, along with the associated discharge piping and valves installed by Garney.

The intake system includes six bar screens as the primary debris screening, backed up by six traveling water screens with associated screen wash pumps and piping as the secondary debris screening. Garney is also responsible for the installation of 1,400 LF of dual 36” HDPE pipelines and 4,400 LF of power and communications fiber optic duct bank from the raw water intake to the main plant switchgear.