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Ceres River Bluff Reservoir and Pump Station


Modesto, CA



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Project Type

  • Tank
  • Pump Station
  • Pipeline
3 MGD storage tank
10 MGD raw water pump station
3,500 LF of 18” waterline

The objective of the Ceres River Bluff Reservoir and Pump Station project was to construct a reliable water storage system and pipeline network to serve a growing population in Modesto, California.

To achieve this, Garney constructed a 3 million gallon (MG) concrete storage tank as well as a 10 million gallon per day (MGD) raw water pump station. The pump station is responsible for bringing in additional water to the storage tank and is equipped with two 200-horsepower vertical turbine pumps, which can each pump 3,500 gallons per minute (GPM).

To transport water, sewage, and stormwater, the team installed a pipeline network that consists of nearly 3,500 linear feet (LF) of 18-inch waterline offsite, over 1,000 LF of both stormwater lines and 30-inch steel waterlines, and 1,000 LF of sanitary gravity lines. Other aspects of the project include the construction of an electrical building and installation of a standby generator.

The construction of this water storage system and pipeline network is an important investment in the future of the community. It provides a reliable and sustainable water supply, which is essential for the growth and development of the region.