At Garney, we do the impossible on a regular basis. For years, clients and partners have come to us with their most challenging industrial projects. We took the hint. Now, tight spots, tight deadlines and tight budgets are our specialty. It’s where we thrive.



Our water capabilities include:

Raw water collection systems including lift stations and piping


Finished water systems including pump stations and piping


Water treatment plants that include clarifiers, plate settlers, coagulant and disinfecting chemical feed systems, conventional filters, membranes, air systems, pumps, UV, and concrete and steel tanks


Water system repair and maintenance


Circulating, process, and fire water systems


Water intake systems


Penstock replacement and re-lining


Our wastewater capabilities include:

Effluent pipelines


Wastewater treatment plants that include bar screens, grit removal, clarifiers, blowers and air diffuser systems, sludge removal systems, membranes, UV, and chemical disinfection systems


Outfall systems


Process sewer systems


Our civil capabilities include:

Heavy concrete foundations including auger cast piles, drilled piers, and slab on grade


Concrete structures including clarifiers, pump stations, clear wells, aeration basins, filters, and holding tanks


Heavy civil / mechanical structures including vaults, dam repairs, and outfall structures