You’ll find working with Garney a bit different. We’re a hands-on organization; always have been, always will be. Our people don’t mind getting their hands or their boots dirty and therein lies our power. Our people are not only smart, tough minded, and hard working – they also own the company.

Garney is a 100% employee owned company. Whenever you’re working with one of us, you’re working with one of the owners. It’s different. It’s a better way of getting projects done. Ownership is a powerful tool. People who have it naturally work a little harder, a little smarter. They take a very personal pride in seeing that a project is successfully completed. It’s power you can trust to work on your projects.


Every single job site Garney works on across the country has employee-owners who care about working safely and productively while providing a quality service for our customers. When the company does well, employee-owners enjoy increases in the value of their retirement accounts. Our employee-owners are in the construction industry for the long run and achieving your repeat business is our goal.


Efficient and safe work practices along with excellent customer service help to grow the value of our company. When our company does well, our employee-owners receive a long-term benefit in the value of their retirement account. As owners of the company, we value the good relationships we have developed with project owners, consultants, suppliers, and subcontractors. These relationships are built on integrity and a win/win philosophy.


For more information on Garney’s Employee Stock Ownership Plan, please click here.