Rueter-Hess Water Treatment Plant

Senate Passes Water Resource Development Act

OCTOBER 2016 – Following years of action by a diverse alliance of water sector organizations, the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) of 2016 has passed with strong bipartisan support. This is a crucial step to investing in the future of water infrastructure. The bill passed with a 95-3 vote on September 15 and is now pending consideration by the House.


Since the development of this bill, Garney has maintained an active presence in voicing support through local congressional representatives. If passed, this hallmark legislation will authorize new and existing water infrastructure financing through fiscal year 2021. Impactful authorizations and reforms to the bill include:


  • Investment in U.S. Army Corps of Engineers water resources and conservation projects including: navigation, flood management, and ecosystem restoration
  • Aid in reducing communities’ public health risks and rural drinking water systems
  • Development of financing for innovation in water technology

Learn more about the importance of this bill and its potential impact through the Library of Congress.