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Cross County 30″ Transmission Line (Design-Build)

Garney was chosen by the Cross County Water Supply Corporation to construct a complete water delivery system including well field and pump station facilities and a 53-mile transmission pipeline. This project took 10 years to come to fruition and Garney consulted on the final design with the Owner and Engineer for just over a year. The water supply pipeline serves eastern Travis County and parts of neighboring counties. The pipeline was needed to meet water demands as Austin grows eastward. Construction included the installation of 280,000 LF 30″ B303 pipe, 4,518 LF of 42″ casing installed by hand mine, and numerous 4″ and 6″ air release valves, blow off valves, 30″ in-line butterfly valves, and dual air release valves. Garney also constructed a high service pump station in conjunction with the pipeline. The biggest challenge of this design-build project was its extremely accelerated project schedule in order to meet the water supply demands of the area. The pace of construction required two independent pipe laying operations, an unloading operation, and a support crew operation all simultaneously preparing for and constructing the project, as well as the management of multiple subcontractors spanning the 53 miles of pipeline. Additionally, coordination with County and State officials, other utility providers, as well as property owners during the phases of construction and restoration was important and challenging given the expanse and pace of construction.




“Garney was chosen based on reputation, numerous references and a lengthy review process. We believed Garney was clearly the right company to hire, but we had no idea how much value they would ultimately bring to the project. Garney’s involvement in all aspects of the process proved to bring a level of value and cost savings that would be difficult to even measure.”

Ross M. Cummings, President of BlueWater Systems