Kansas City to Host ASCE Pipelines

JULY 2016 – Garney has been a long supporter of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), the oldest engineering society in the nation. ASCE represents more than 150,000 members of the civil engineering profession in 177 countries, and provides the industry’s leading experts and information through their many conferences. The Pipelines Conference is recognized at the forefront of ASCE’s educational programming, and provides a platform for attendees to discover and exchange ideas related to planning, designing, constructing, and operating these lifeline assets.


Hosted in Kansas City from July 16-20, Pipelines 2016 is part of the new ASCE Utility Engineering & Surveying Institute (UESI). Pipelines will continue to provide a forum for industry constituents from all around the world to share their experiences in meeting the challenges of today’s pipeline infrastructure. Pipelines has become a premier conference for utility and pipeline owners, engineers, contractors, manufacturers, and suppliers. This year, the conference will also include surveying as it relates to pipelines and utility projects.


Garney’s involvement with Pipelines continues to expand. Employee-owners presenting and moderating for the 2016 technical program include:


  • Logan CSO Interceptor Installation Beneath an Existing Improved Channel | Jordan Carrier, Presenter
  • CMAR Project Delivery Method Facilitates Construction of a Large Diameter Pipeline and Treatment Plant Upgrade Project Allowing Timely Access to Much Needed Water Resources in North Texas | David Burkhart, Presenter
  • Design-Build Approach to Major Crossing Avoids Environmental and Third Party Impacts…and Saves $10 Million | Bill Williams, Presenter
  • Planning & Design II Track B, Session B4 | Matt Foster, Moderator
  • Planning & Design II Track B, Session B9 | Mike Gardner, Moderator

With the conference set in the heartland, Pipelines anticipates attracting the highest number of attendees in history. For more information on the conference visit Pipelines 2016.


The Logan CSO Interceptor Project, featured above, will be presented at Pipelines 2016 by Jordan Carrier, Project Manager for Garney Construction.