Garney is a great place to work and prosper. We offer excellent benefits, competitive compensation and multiple opportunities for career growth. In addition, there's the opportunity to participate in the ownership of the company.

Garney Careers

If you are just completing college, you’ll find Garney is a great place to begin your career. If you are experienced in heavy utility construction and looking for a change, Garney can provide a challenging and rewarding career path.


The Garney culture revolves around employee ownership. Embracing this culture results in quality work and satisfied customers, which leads to growth and success. Growth creates opportunities for our employee-owners. Success brings profitability, which leads to financial benefits. Through it all, we’re ensuring retirement security for our employee-owners and clean water for our communities.


What’s next on your ideal career road map?


Likely, it’s a place that’s not fussy or formal, that rewards forward-thinking ingenuity and old-fashioned hard work. A chance to jump right in and make an impact instead of being tasked with busywork. A company that builds from within so the opportunities keep coming. And maybe, someday, the dream of becoming an owner.


At Garney, you can have it all from day one.


Garney is 100% employee owned. Ownership is an incredible motivator. When you’re an owner, your personal pride and passion for the work is elevated. You work that much harder and that much smarter. And because your colleagues are owners too, they feel the same way. Projects succeed at the highest level. It’s a different feeling from most traditionally-owned companies. Garney is an organization that promotes from within our ranks, you won’t have to go anywhere else. We find the best people, give them the freedom to do exceptional work and then watch them reap the benefits. Joining Garney? It’s an exciting path.