Garney is no latecomer. Since our beginning 56 years ago, we've grown up with the industry and become one of the largest and most respected companies in water and wastewater construction.

From the beginning, we have been a people-oriented firm. We believe in finding the best people, letting them do their best job, and rewarding them by making them shareholders of our organization. No matter who you do business with at Garney, you’re dealing with one of the owners.


The Garney story begins in 1961, when Charles Garney left his father’s Kansas City plumbing business to start his own pipeline and utility construction company. The company thrived on the philosophies of integrity, excellence and fairness with customers.


Over the next two decades, Garney Construction expanded into related construction activities and other regions of the country. Soon, Garney was known as one of the nation’s leading contractors in water and wastewater systems. The 2001 acquisition of Grimm Construction, a leading contractor with operations in Colorado and Arizona, further enhanced Garney’s capabilities in water treatment, pumping and storage facilities in the West. The 2011 acquisition of Weaver Construction Management strengthened the company’s position within the alternate procurement market. The 2012 acquisition of Encore Construction Group helped solidify Garney’s treatment facilities operations in the Eastern United States. Today, Garney addresses all water and wastewater needs of municipalities, private developers and industrial users across the country.


The company’s growth will continue to be powered by employee-owners who embody the business integrity and excellence in product and service Charles Garney brought to the company more than half a century ago.