Featured Employee-Owner


Juan Munoz



Juan Munoz started his journey as a Garney employee-owner in 2003 as a Pipelayer. Prior to this, Juan moved to the United States in 1998 from Mexico and worked for another pipeline construction company for two years before finding his Garney family.


Juan is now working on Jerry Taylor’s crew on the Citrus County Combined Cycle project in Crystal River, Florida. Juan’s goal is to help maintain a safe working environment for himself and his fellow employee-owners each and every day. He also aspires to become a Foreman for Garney before he reaches his ultimate goal of retirement.


Juan also has a family of his own including his wife, Irma, and two daughters, Cynthia and Mirna. When Juan has time off, he spends his time cooking and having picnics with his family.


Juan’s supervisors describe him as a good, kind person that keeps a positive attitude towards work, even when projects get tough. His fellow employee-owners also agree that he is a great cook!