Featured Employee-Owner


Carlos Castro


Unlike a lot of folks in construction, Carlos Castro transitioned to the field from the dry cleaning industry. Despite starting out in such a non-construction field, Carlos has made a name for himself in the Rocky Mountain region as an all-around great guy and employee-owner. Carlos spent a few years as an auto mechanic, then worked at a dry cleaning business in Los Angeles for 10 years until his cousin, Jose, convinced him to come work in Denver in the construction field. Carlos was worried that Denver would be a cold place to live, but he has come to call it home.


During his 14-year tenure at Garney, Carlos has spent most of his time on the Front Range building post-tensioned concrete water storage tanks. He has helped build nearly a dozen tanks in the region. Carlos works on every aspect of the tanks, from forming and installing post tension components to placing and finishing concrete. Although he has spent most of his construction career in Denver, Carlos has traveled for Garney to Arizona, Wyoming, Iowa, Oklahoma, and Missouri, and also worked on the Fruita Wastewater Reclamation Facility in Western Colorado. He is currently working on the Hillcrest Reservoir Basin Replacement Project for Denver Water that includes constructing three 15 MG tanks – the largest tanks Garney has built to date.


In his free time, Carlos works on his house and enjoys the adrenaline of playing paintball with friends. His family is from Durango, Mexico, along with the Alvarez and Canales families, all of whom have been a huge part of Garney’s success in Colorado. Carlos likes the family attitude at Garney and believes in the ESOP. He tells everyone about how great the ESOP is and does all he can to help it grow…but still thinks Denver is too cold.