Featured Employee-Owner


Fermin Lopez

Loader Operator

Fermin Lopez took a unique route into the construction industry. After graduating high school, Fermin was recruited to play college football in New Mexico. After realizing that playing football wasn’t the right path for him, Fermin transferred to New Mexico State University, where he played rugby and majored in digital film productions. One week after graduating college, Fermin and his girlfriend packed up and moved to Hawaii, where they got married on the beach in the middle of a hurricane. After a year of hurricanes, high rent and low income, they decided it was time to move back to the mainland and start a family.


Once he relocated back, Fermin was hired as a laborer on Roger Dell’s pipe crew in Breckenridge, Texas. He quickly moved into an operator role where he first ran a dozer, but ultimately settled into the fast-paced seat of a loader supporting backfill operations. From there, Fermin and his family have traveled throughout the state of Texas working on Garney projects, including the Water Resources Integration Program in San Antonio, the Integrated Pipeline Project near Fort Worth, and currently the Vista Ridge Water Supply Project outside San Antonio.


Although his title is Loader Operator, Fermin often takes on multiple roles on a project. He is very team-oriented and cares about his fellow employee-owners; he is the first to hop out of the loader and get his gloves dirty when he sees a task that may need an extra set of hands. He also keeps a set of plans and a lay schedule in his loader that he uses to assist crew leaders by staying ahead of the crew and ensuring all necessary tools and materials are on site and laid out for the day’s tasks. Most importantly, Fermin is dedicated to safety; he fills out and runs daily STAC meetings, leads stretch and flex, and assists with daily safety inspections. Despite his “rough and tough” appearance, he is well-liked and respected by nearly everyone he works with.


In his free time, Fermin enjoys spending time with his wife, Sarah, and their beautiful daughter, Emma. They enjoy trips to the park and local fishing ponds as well as seeing the sites around each area Garney takes them to. He and Sarah are most thankful for Garney because of the insurance that has helped with the financial hardships of having a child plagued by Ebstein’s anomaly. Garney’s insurance has allowed them to receive the proper care and medication that their daughter has needed to help her grow into a happy, healthy little girl.