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2016 Objectives Built on 55 Years of Tradition

JANUARY 2016 — The start of a new year inevitably evokes a time of reflection and the opportunity to ignite change. In 2016, that reflection for Garney will be marked by celebrating 55 years in business. Since 1961, the company has thrived on our goals and philosophies of integrity, excellence, and fairness with our customers. These goals and philosophies have always been a mainstay of our organization, leading Garney to more than a decade of dominance in the rankings as one the nation’s leading water contractors.


As we enter 2016, Mike Heitmann, President & CEO, has developed Garney’s annual objectives in parallel with the foundation that Charles Garney brought to the company 55 years ago. Garney’s 2016 company objectives will leverage focus in three aspects:



Garney will maintain a steadfast focus on safety. It is incumbent upon each employee-owner to live our safety culture and take ownership in performing every activity. Safety is truly number one with Garney and safety will never be sacrificed for productivity.



The company’s consistent growth will continue to drive mentorship and employee development to equip our employee-owners for new opportunities and a strong market.



With several new initiatives underway, including new business ventures of Garney Federal and Garney Pacific, Garney will enhance strategic planning and implementation to generate success in these arenas.


Although Garney has experienced a rapid start to 2016, the company is not without vision and inspiration built on timeless goals and philosophies.