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Seminole County Regional Water Treatment Facility at Yankee Lake

This $32.6 million project for Seminole County, Florida, was a unique and challenging project to take on. The area the project was located in is in an environmentally sensitive and protected area in Seminole County. Endangered species call this area their home. The management staff and field personnel were thoroughly trained in the awareness and protection of the environment and species. In addition to this, the location is also prone to severe flooding during the normal wet times of the year. The schedule developed for this project was strictly adhered to in order to meet these flood-likely conditions.


The project consisted of constructing a raw water pump station and intake structure on piles located on a canal of St. Johns River, 41,100lf of 42” HDPE parallel raw water pipelines and a 5 mgd treatment facility. Also included in the project was canal and dredging work, the installation of ACTIFLO treatment system, chlorine contact basins, sludge gravity thickeners,  sludge dewatering process, a belt filter press system and polymer system. Lastly, project included the installation of a pig launcher and retrieval station, the construction of a boat dock in a raw water pump station, underground piping from RWPS to treatment facility, the construction of a chemical building, storage tank, wetland work, a pond and a nature walk.




“We commend your team’s ability to keep the project on schedule while openly coordinating and resolving issues as they were identified. Their performance was profession at all times and your team members consistently exhibited a dedication to providing quality work in a very effective and efficient manner. They performed the project with a spirit of cooperation and a team approach that significantly contributed to the success of the project.”


Carol L. Hunter, P.E., Manager at Seminole County Utilities Engineering