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Washington CSO Control Facility

This project includes the construction of new combined sewer outfall control structure and outfall in the Cumberland River. The Control structure is a new 3,500 CY cast-in-place concrete structure 30′ deep situated 150′ from the river and constructed on a micropile foundation system with control gates, bar screens, and a control building. The outfall structure is a new 300 CY cast-in-place concrete structure 22′ deep situated in the river bank with three 42″ steel discharge pipes. The project includes the installation of 850 LF of 12′ x 12′ and 200 LF of 12′ x 10′ precast concrete box culvert at subgrade elevations 28′ deep between buildings and crossing a main roadway with existing utilities. The new box culvert will connect to an existing 108″ diameter brick sewer with construction of a new junction box over and around the functioning sewer. The project also includes cleaning 3,000 LF of 108″ diameter brick sewer, removing 450 LF of existing gunite lining, and installing 1,250 LF of 96″ CCFRM pipe inside the existing 108″ diameter brick sewer via slip line installation method. The project will be completed with installation of a 108″ diameter submersible grout plug and filling existing sewer with 3,000 CY of flowable fill. The project includes major shoring, dewatering, marine construction, and live utility work.




“Garney was highly professional in all aspects of the Washington CSO project. All of their staff, project managers, superintendents and tradesmen, knew their job and performed it well. They were absolutely clear in their record keeping. They chose and managed their sub-contractors well. I would not hesitate to use them on future work.”


Phil Regen, Project Engineer and Project Manager for the Department of Water and Sewerage Services of Nashville, TN