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T-Bar Ranch Well Field Development & Delivery Project (Design-Build)

After suffering from severe drought conditions over the past several years, Midland, Texas, faced a severe water shortage going into the summer of 2013. The booming gas and oil industry was attracting more people to the city; therefore, water was in high demand.  Two of the city’s three water reservoirs were nearly drained, and the third only 15% full. More than 50 years ago, the City of Midland had purchased T-Bar Ranch with the Pecos Valley Aquifer sitting beneath it. Teamed with Black & Veatch in a joint venture and Parkhill, Smith and Cooper, Inc. as a partner, Garney designed and constructed 60 miles of 48″ transmission main and 21 miles of well field collector piping, all installed in 10 months. The pipe sections consisted of 205,500 LF of 48″ steel waterline, 105,250 LF of 48″ C303 waterline, 10,000 LF of 36” C303 and 100,000 LF of 6″ to 24″ PVC pipe. The project also included the installation of new electrical power feeds to all facilities, 44 production wells, high service pumping station, 2 MG well field ground storage tank, chlorination facility, telecommunication powers, and a 5 MG intermediate ground storage tank. The project required nearly 200,000 LF of rock excavation and 1,750 LF of hand-mined tunnel installations.



“It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Garney. They exceeded my expectations by completing this difficult project ahead of schedule and within budget. Throughout the process, they helped my team overcome difficulties and obstacles presented by a very aggressive schedule. I really appreciate their willingness to be flexible and creative in finding solutions to meet every challenge. But maybe most important to me was the integrity they exhibited throughout the project. They committed to difficult conditions in order to make the project a reality from the beginning and never wavered in their resolve to do what they said they would do.”


Jay Edwards, General Manager of Midland County Fresh Water Supply District No. 1