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Midlothian Water Treatment Plant No. 2 (CMAR)

Due to the growth in the Midlothian area, there has been an increasing demand for water, requiring the construction of a new 9 MGD plant. Construction elements include a sedimentation basin, chemical building, recycle pump station, three sludge lagoons, raw water control building, an administration building with membrane process equipment, administrative offices, a laboratory, meeting space and shop, electrical, instrumentation and controls, mechanical work, site work, and a raw water pipeline that will tap a 72″ and 90″ TRWD raw water line. The biggest challenge of this project will be familiarizing the team with the Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) process, which is a relatively new project delivery method in the state of Texas for municipal contracts. This challenge though, should ultimately be this project’s largest advantage over the traditional design-bid-build delivery method. The collaboration between economizing the design to accommodate the City’s needs while taking into consideration the best means for construction allowing the City to maximize the value of every dollar spent.