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McClure Penstock Replacement

In the fall of 2009, the Upper Peninsula Power Company awarded Garney a $13 million contract to replace an aging penstock near Marquette. The project included replacing 9,000 LF of existing penstock, which was made up of wood staves surrounded by steel bands. The remaining 4,000 LF consisted of 84″ riveted steel pipe. The owner dewatered the existing penstock in November 2007 after an expansion joint failure. The facility has been off line since then. This project included the installation of a new penstock, consisting of 13,300 LF of 84″ spiral weld steel pipe. The project also included two aerial stream crossings, tie-ins to multiple historically sensitive structures, appurtenances such as manholes and drains, civil work including access roads and staging areas, environmental work including erosion control measures, and controls such as valves, headgates, flow monitoring equipment, pressure/vacuum relief valves, hydraulic transient pressure relief control systems, start up and testing. The project is a functional hydroelectric generating facility and operates a license and regulatory jurisdiction of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.