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Lone Tree Reservoir Basin No. 2

Denver Water awarded Garney this project which consists of constructing a 10 MG post-tensioned, underground potable water storage reservoir and the installation of 54″ diameter inlet and outlet piping with all appurtenances. This project possesses numerous challenges including a fast-paced schedule, restricted access, traffic control, and a major impact to nearby residential areas. Due to this project’s unique constraints, including its close proximity to the local elementary school, Garney’s project team includes a staff member to ensure public safety and precise delivery coordination. This position has proven to be very beneficial in providing a single point of contact for the project to handle all outside concerns.




“Garney’s team made the owner their highest priority and worked incredibly well with all the stakeholders. This team has set the bar very high for future projects with Denver Water.”

Julie Seagren, Project Manager for Denver Water