Etonia Creek Pipeline

In 2004, Georgia-Pacific needed to replace a raw waterline that feeds their pulp and paper mill in Palatka, Florida. Garney was selected to install the 12,000 LF of 30″ HDPE pipe. The project included an aerial crossing where the pipeline transitioned to stainless steel and a 300 LF directional bore under an existing creek. The pipeline was installed and tied-in while the mill was in operation by using hot taps and line stops to make the connections.


Three years later, Georgia-Pacific retained Garney to replace a deteriorating section of their raw water line during a mill outage. This project consisted of 250 LF of open cut 30″ HDPE, the replacement of two valves, two 24″ x 20″ reducers, and one venturi water flow meter. The removal of 50 LF of existing 24″ steel line required uncovering an area in which the steel line penetrated an 8″ thick steel reinforced concrete wall, cutting the steel line, and jack hammering a hole in order to allow the replacement of the line. A new precast concrete vault was installed to house six 2″ saddle welds used for 2″ SS injection lines. The HDPE included two tees including valves at these points to allow for future line isolation. These repairs were completed during a 72-hour outage.