Pine Bluff Paper Mill

Evergreen Packaging’s paper mill in Pine Bluff frequently calls on Garney to make repairs to its raw water system, which consists of old concrete piping. Garney uses many different repair methods to fix the leaks depending on where the leaks are located. In 2002, Garney performed repairs to an existing well line in three different locations. The work was performed under two separate mill outages and involved replacing reinforced concrete pressure pipe with ductile iron pipe using custom fabricated carbon steel adapters. In 2004, Garney repaired five leaks within two separate 24-hour windows during mill shutdowns. In 2006, Garney repaired seven leaks on the existing RCP well lines. Six repairs were on 16″, 20″ and 30″ RCP joint leaks that were performed by cutting out existing pipe and installing adapters from RCP to carbon steel with Victaulic OD clamps and inner seals. A seventh repair was made to a 16″ RCP leak performed with an SS wrap-around repair clamp. Due to a blowout in the mill’s 42″ water supply line, Garney also performed some emergency work in 2006. International Paper contacted Garney at 3:00 A.M. on a Friday morning, and in just under 48 hours the mill was back in operation with a newly installed 75 LF section of 42″ ductile iron pipe.


Garney has worked at this facility on numerous occasions since our first project with the Pine Bluff paper mill in 1995. The plant has changed hands since then, but in 2010, the employees still working at the facility wanted to work with Garney exclusively to repair a leak on their delicate 30″ RCP line that had been under pressure and in operation since the plant was built in the 1960s. This repair required a line stop to be installed in the 30″ RCP in order to isolate a section of their well line. The repair was timed to coincide with a partial mill outage. The 30″ pipeline was drained and the leak carefully excavated, which was losing approximately 1,500 gpm. The existing joint was removed and uniquely manufactured adapter pieces were fit into place to replace the old section. Internal and external seals were installed at the connection to the existing 30″ RCP.