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New Wheel Truing Facility

This project consisted of a 175′ x 36′ metal building erected on top of a new concrete foundation. The site was extremely tight with live tracks at the corners of the shoring system only 6′-4″ from centerline of track. Removal of 300 LF of exisiting track and completely removing the contaminated soil below and on either side of the foundation. An 18″ industrial waste line was installed and and existing line was removed/re-routed. The site had 225 LF of sheet piling on the north and south side of the structure with beams spanning the excavation every 14′ to hold back the live loads from the passing trains. The excavation occurred in three stages to maximize the use of the shoring system and beams. More than 900 CY of flowfill and 700 CY of concrete was poured, including 200 CY of fiber reinforced concrete topping slab. The project also included 1,350 SY of 6″ base material and 6″ asphalt paving.